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Pro Painting -Tips on choosing the right painter

Always ask about the guarantee.

Ask for ten recent references.

Ask whether the company in question has liability insurance and workman's compensation.

If the estimate is for an interior residential job observe whether the estimator removed their shoes at the front door without first being prompted. Without feelings of respect what is there to distinguish us from beasts.

See if the estimator knows what the primary colors are. (red, yellow, blue)

Ask whether plastic or cloth will be used to protect the floor. Plastic would indicate that you're presently speaking with an amateur.

Furthermore, ask whether the company in question differentiates between exterior and interior drop clothes for the furniture.

How many coats are being applied? Does a third or fourth coat cost extra? (when using really deep colors over lighter ones three and four coats is probable; even with top of the line paints)

Ask the estimator what kind of stipple the painters aim for. (stipple is the effect or pattern left bythe roller sleeve and should resemble the outer peel of a sunkist orange picked in late June, small and pimply)

Ask whether or not all leftover paint gets securely sealed and clearly labeled for the customer.

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