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Vancouvers Best Painters Projects of the Year

2010 Winner - Honeywell Building Solutions

    Project Photos



2009 Winner - North Vancouver Municipal Hall

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Past Winners

2008 Winner - Ethan Allen

    Project Photos


2007 Winner - Westcoast Express

    Project Photos


2006 Winner - Rock Quarry

Vancouvers Best Painters sandblasted, primed and painted all the machinery for LeHigh Cement at Gilley's Quarry in Coquitlam.

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2005 Winner - Whistler / Blackcomb Refurbishing Project

This project was a complete refurbishing of the Whistler / Blackcombe Resort's ski lifts, chairs and stations. The project involved stripping down old paint and re-painting using an electrostatic process.

    Project Photos

Lift Station Before

Lift Station After



2004 Project of the Year - Honeywell Industrial Project
A project that involved masking and refurbishing Honeywell's entire industrial plant. We repainted the roof, floor, walls, railings and pipes to give a fresh, new atmosphere to their existing plant.

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2003 Project of the Year - Penthouse at 950 Cambie, 42 Colours
This penthouse was painted with 42 different colours. The colour combinations and finishes produced a vibrant, exciting home.

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2002 Project of the Year - Barry Mowatt Residential Project
This was a colourful painting job with traces of faux finishing. The colour combinations and finishes produced a vibrant, exciting home.

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